Grief Support and Counseling


With 25 years of experience in the field of Thanatology and childhood bereavement,        The Sanctuary has expanded from a grief support/counseling program and grief eduction provider  in the New York metropolitan area, into an extensive    National Grief  Support Network. This transition occurred organically, as a result of our on going collaboration with trusted grief educators & advocates, seasoned mental health practitioners, independent bereavement centers and camps, and childhood bereavement experts across the United States.

.   We provide Grief Support, Counseling and Education for individuals, families,businesses, communities and schools in the New York metro area and across the United States

.   Referrals to bereavement camps for children, teens, young adults and caregivers

.   Referrals to family bereavement support centers including Spanish speaking programs

All of the bereavement camps and bereavement support centers that we recommend are not for profit organizations and their services are free of charge for all family members

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

contact :  theliebmangroup     914-834-67673