With 25 years of experience in the field of Thanatology                       and childhood bereavement, in addition to our core services,         Amy Liebman Rapp, M.S.Ed., CT has expanded The Sanctuary             to include an extensive National Grief  Support Network.

This transition occurred organically, as a result of our                              on going collaboration with trusted grief educators and advocates, seasoned mental health practitioners, independent bereavement centers and camps, and childhood bereavement experts across the United States.

 Services include:
.   Grief Support and Counseling for children, teens and young adults (18-30) including death by suicide, opioid overdose and murder
.  Grief Support, Education and Training for businesses,                             communities and schools
.  Grief Support for the death a pet
.   Referrals to free bereavement camps for children, teens, young adults (18-30) and caregivers
.   Referrals to family bereavement support centers providing                                Spanish speaking programs
For more in-depth information regarding our affordable fees for service,  to make an intake appointment or to schedule a meeting at your office    please contact Amy :                        914-834-6763
Distance appointments on-line are available

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline